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Our activities

Galim Beit Yanai Neurim Surf School is a surf and water sport center located in Emek Heffer, Israel. Galim Surf School specializes in surf and stand-up paddle (SUP) instruction with an added educational and therapeutic value.  

Galim Surf School was established in 2004 and is considered one of the most accomplished and long-standing schools in the field of surfing and water sports in Israel. 

We are located at two major surf spots along Emek Heffer’s beautiful shoreline:

Beit Yanai Beach and Neurim Beach, Havatzelet HaSharon.

These are regulated beaches with a lifeguard on duty during swim season, a cafeteria and a restaurant, bathrooms and showers, a locker room and free parking. 

Our opening hours are from 7AM till sunset all year long.

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Our Activities

Galim Surf School specializes in quality and professional surf and SUP instruction guided by our certified and experienced team. Our main goal is to treat everyone who walks through our doors in a personal and family manner. 

Participation in one of our following activities includes all of the required gear. 

Private surf lessons and Professional Courses

Anyone is able to contact us and schedule a private surf or SUP lesson. In a private lesson each student will be paired with an experienced instructor fit for the exact needs and level of the student. 

Our private lessons begin with learning the basics of surfing: learning your surfboard, learning how to read sea conditions, learning the right exercise warm-up before entering the water, as well as personal guidance and progress observation throughout the entire training period.  

We also invite intermediate surfers to improve their surfing skills by scheduling a personal training in accordance to their own goals and aspirations. 

If your goal is to learn how to surf and delve into the world of water-sports, we recommend signing up for a five part course in which you will learn the tools, techniques and basic knowledge of independent surfing, paddling, the right way to choose a surf spot, how to read the sea and the waves, and more.

During the course period, we encourage you to rent a surfboard free of charge from our surf club so that you may practice and perfect the knowledge you receive during the course.

Our surfing course offers a training program that is specifically built for every student’s personal pace.  

Our SUP course consists of three sessions in which you will receive paddling tools, techniques for standing and remaining balance on your paddle board, how to perform a proper entry and exit into and out of the water and how to maneuver and pivot turn on your SUP. 

If you are a couple or a small group interested in learning one of our courses, we are able to create a course or a lesson especially for you, in which you will learn and experience the art of surfing in a professional and pleasurable way. 

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Annual Surfing Classes

Our annual surfing classes were created for anyone who wants to  make surfing and water sports a part of their daily routine. We run annual classes for children and youth, adults and private women groups. Our programs are suitable for beginners and advanced surfers of all ages. 

During our surfing classes we closely follow our trainees on their way to the open sea. The trainees will learn the essence and principles of surfing at a basic and advanced level, depending on their need. They will learn how to read sea conditions, how to safely enter and exit the water with mutual respect towards other surfers, and how to take themselves one step further into the world of surfing and water sports. 

Our annual surfing classes allow us to achieve our goals through quality group training (up to six trainees per instructor). The small group system grants our professional instructors with time and patience to offer personal treatment towards each and everyone of their trainees.

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Surf Shop and Board Rentals

Our surf shop is located on Neurim Beach in Havatzelet HaSharon, Emek Heffer (Waze App: Galim Neurim – Surf School). In our fully equipped surf shop you will find a variety of surf and other water sport equipment, soft boards, wetsuits and other quality clothing in first and second hand condition. You may also find surfboard repair services and a professional team who will be happy to be at your services, advise and assist you while choosing the right equipment for your needs.

At our shop you are also able to rent water sport equipment: from surfboards and paddleboards to kayaks in all sizes and wetsuits to your fit. 

Our rental system is by the hour, half days or full days. You may even purchase your own rental card.

Surf shop Galim Israel

Surf Camps

Our surf camps take place during summer vacation and the holidays – Sukkot, Hanukkah and Passover. During our ten day surf camp period the trainees go through a structured process on a professional, social and educational aspect. Every instructor from our skilled staff will overlook a group of trainees having three goals in mind: unifying the individuals into a composed group, guiding them into the world of surfing,  water sports and the ocean, and granting the confidence to achieve their own personal goals. 

Galim Beit Yanai Neurim Surf Camp is more than just a regular surf camp. Our surf camp is a process in which each trainee gets to experience feelings of empowerment, satisfaction, success and most importantly they are given the opportunity to learn new and surprising things about themselves. 

The trainees will meet new friends, develop physical and mental strength, surf skills and will learn to be conscious towards themselves and their environment. 

Our surf camp is suitable for children and youth from second till twelfth grade with or without previous surfing experience. 

The trainees will be divided into different small groups based on age and surf experience and each group will be led by two of our professional surf instructors.  

We also offer transportation services from Emek Heffer and all of the HaSharon area. 

If you would like to hear more about our surf camp facilities, please contact us. 

קייטנות בעמק חפר

Private Beach Events

We specialize in throwing various small or big events, from birthdays to business parties. You are able to incorporate one or more of our many facilities into your special event such as: water activities, workshops, yoga lessons, lectures, a cozy seating area, catering services, bar services and any other activity of your choice. 

Do not hesitate to contact us for more inquiries.

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